Yes, we have good news!

Yeah, we know, has been a while since the last post here on our website but if you’re following us on Facebook you know that we’re really busy with the development of NERO. So basically this is a massive update about things going. First of all, we have to start with the amazing E3 we had. We had great feedbacks after the very first behind closed doors presentation in Los Angeles with Microsoft and we’ve got a very impressive coverage just after the event. Mainstream and gaming press wrote cool things about NERO and we’re proud of what’s happened in California! For the first time ever, an italian videogame has been featured on japanese press too (Famitsu, Dengeki, 4Gamer, GameWatch) and it makes us proud of our work. We’re working now on clippings and we’ll be hopefully able to share all the articles gone out both on printed and online press. This means a new website too comin’ soon, to get easy access to all the informations about the game and to all the assets for both players and journous. We’re working on a dev diary too from our team, covering all the production process since the beginning, with videos and a lot of new cool things you’re going to see just after the GamesCom (here and onGamasutra). The game is now ready to be shown to the public, so expect something cool the next week with. There is a lot of people asking about the story of NERO and we’re going to say something about this for the first time, along with a new gameplay footage directly from the new demo we just submitted to MS. What we can say is that NERO is finally taking its shape and we’ll be more than happy to share new infos with you all very soon! Oh, we are testing our forum, you’ll be able to log in with every social network you use (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Steam): it just takes a few seconds to register (no forms to fill) and you’ll be able to poke us directly here if you like! Stay tuned!