The company has 3 rules which are the backbone of every in-house production process:

Friends not clients

“We don’t suck blood during the nights of full moon, we sell experiences that we want to share with everyone. The needs of the community represent our needs as gamers and for such reason we don’t want to think about clients, we listen to people not to understand how to improve our business but to understand how to create better entertainment for everyone.”

Keep it simple

“We worked on dozens of games including many AAA and we don’t understand the rush for complexity. Such rush is given by strong competition feelings between companies but too often doesn’t represent any real quality. Simplicity is beautiful and fulfilling, which doesn’t mean empty levels but instead “use what is really needed, not less, not more”. This philosophy extends to any aspect of our company, including relations with the employees and anyone who approaches our reality.”

Competitors are not enemies

“We don’t see competitors in a world where videogames are one of the biggest business ever, what we see instead are friends who are developing different products and that deserve respect as we do. Hard Competition leads inevitably to IP cloning and lack of ideas to follow what the market defined as ‘last best seller’”.

We want to keep a friendly work environment where the creative direction doesn’t shut down proposals, ideas or bad feedback.

Everyone is welcome in STC.

We value people more than anything else, this is why we only want passionate work force to join us, avoiding to keep insufficient workers. Give your best or you will be gone soon.

STC is not a torture room, crunch time is hard for everyone but we will always represent our appreciation for hard work in every possible way. STC is not born to become a multinational with thousands of employees, the rule “keep it simple” applies to everything. We want to make games first of all, realization of good ideas should be the only reason to enlarge the business, not arrogance and self-esteem.

We want to tell stories, good mechanics without implementation of good storytelling and characters introspection doesn’t impress us. Every character is like a human being and every human being has a personal story behind that drives their choices during life. A good game should always account for that.

We don’t kill just for the sake of seeing some blood on the screen, everything must have a reason which represents the character in a specific situation of need/danger/fear. The idea that “violence itself sells” is true on a market level but this doesn’t mean that we have to crucify our vision for that.

STC proudly represents what the founders have in mind for a better gaming future, not refusing what other competitors propose, but just going on our way instead of following the masses.

Our Team

We’re building our team hiring extremely talented people, giving them the resources they need o succeed in a structured but casual environment. We invite everyone to be creative and share new ideas everyday in the design process.s.

Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi

CEO & Artistic Director

Carlo is one of the most talented CG Artist in the industry and worked on a bunch of Triple A games, commercials and movies. He left Italy in 2007 to join DigiGuys to work on Wardevil (Ignition), one of the most  anticipated PS3 game at time. In 2008 he moved in Ilion Animation Studios as Senior Lighting & Composing Artist for Planet 51 movie. In 2009 he has been Senior Lighting & Composing Artist in Passion Pictures before joining Ubisoft as Lighting Team Lead: he had to reshape the rendering engine for the lighting team necessities, attending meetings, hiring new personnel, training artists, supervise CG cutscenes, scripting for lighting and much more leading a large team of artists and professionals. In October 2011 he moved to IO Interactive as Senior Lighting Artist on Hitman: Absolution (Square Enix). In 2012 joined MetricMinds as Lead Artist and bring to shelves Crysys 3 (Crytek) and Batman: Arkham Origins (Warner Bros.) working internally with both development teams.

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Sonia Tatti


Sonia has a long story as entrepreneur and CEO in the investments market. Italian laws and bureaucracy, fiscal stuff and contracts have no secrets for her.

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Roberto Semprebene

Studio Manager

Over ten years of experience in management, marketing and digital communication for cinema and entertainment. He has worked with major film studios In italy, such as Universal Pictures international italy and Filmauro.

PhD with a thesis on video games. He cooperate with LUISS University of Rome and IED Rome.

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STC Crew

STC Crew

Guys working in STC are skilled and experienced people that already know how to work to avoid crunch and deliver high quality stuff. Our team is international, English is our corporate language.

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StormVille is our HQ: it is an amazing private area in EUR, one of the most lovely zone in Rome. Our studio has been built-up in an old roman villa surrounded by a huge garden to rest and work trough wi-fi, with a BBQ area and free beer!

StormVille is surrounded by a huge private garden, with barbecue and all the stuff you need to be comfortable during the day by day. Free beer once at week, private parking for cars and bikes, fruit trees and all the best to keep you proud to be here (and productive, of course!). That’s what we’ve in mind to make STC great in the future.