Review round-up (and some thoughts)

That’s true people, NERO has been released on Friday and we are so happy to see our baby out on the market. We spent a whole week-end collecting feedbacks around the web and reading opinions from the press and from the players, coming from all around the world. We saw a streamer crying on Twitch after NERO’s ending, received hundreds of amazing mail and critics as well. The game is out since a couple of days, gaming press is reviewing it right now but we had very good feeds since the last week, when some of the key journalists we know put theirs hands on the game. To be honest, we already knew what was going to happen since the beginning.

NERO is not a game for everyone: we said it when pitching it to Microsoft and we said this before sending tokens out. You have to take care about it, it’s not a new first person shooter and you don’t have to run & shoot. You just have to take your time, walk and read, think and think again about what’s happened to the kid and what will happen during this trip. It’s not whining people, everyone is free to love NERO or hate it. That’s nothing in the middle and we knew it. As written before, we spent the week-end seeing people playing. There is a lot of gamers running from the beginning to the end, complaining about the framerate and about easy puzzles around, finishing the game in a couple of hours. Yes, we have some problems with the framerate and we said it before sending out tokens. And yes puzzles are easy, if you talk about story puzzles you need to move from a “condition” to another one (don’t talk about levels, please). And yes, the game leasts a couple of hours if you don’t care to explore, read, collect, solve optional puzzles. But is it the kind of critics we were expecting from someone not interested in playing NERO, that’s it. We saw people playing, taking time to explore and catch all the photo frames around, to know more about David and things going on. We saw people playing trying to put pieces together collecting all clues from walltexts around. We saw people spending so much time looking at drawings here and there to know more about the kid and the other chars involved in this journey. We saw people giving their own version of the story just a few seconds after the ending CGI. We saw all this and we’re more than happy of what’s going on with the release. We would like to thank you all the people playing NERO for the support.

And now some clippings:

Destructoid 9/10

Spaziogames 7/10

Videogiochi 9/10

GamesRadar+ 7/10

Somos Xbox 8/10

Everyeye 6.8/10

OXM US 7/10

Xbox Tavern 8/10

OXM UK 7/10

Attack of the Fanboy 7/10

Gamereactor PT 7/10

Multiplayer 6.8/10

Press A To Join 8/10

Game Rant 7/10

The Xbox Hub 7/10

Digitally Downloaded 8/10

Gamer Headquarter 7.8/10

Gamereactor ES 7/10

Xbox One UK 7.6/10

Vandal 6/10

Gamereactor UK 7/10

IGN IT 5/10 (ouch!)

Gamereactor IT 7/10

Gamesvillage 5/10 (ouch!)

We’re going to have a review round-up with all articles in a few, lot of printed mags coming out and mainstream press is on the way too in the next days. If you want to get in touch with us, remember to use #nerogame tag both on Twitter and Facebook, following us to be always updated on upcoming announcements. E3 is on the way!