NERO: Xbox One Achievements list!

Hello world, we’re really excited to come back here to give you a little update about NERO and its progresses after a short break we had in terms of communications, while working on the game! The Xbox One certification process is in progress and we’re proud to have been perfectly on time with our schedule. When we entered StormVille in 2014 (beginning of February) we knew to have 1 year to deliver: we succesfully sent out the build to Microsoft at the end of January and we’re actually working with their portfolio team to set up a proper release date for our baby. Meanwhile, we’re busy with some new cool stuff we’re going keep secret for a while more but today we are here to share the full achievements list for the Xbox One version of NERO. Open your eyes achievements hunters! Note: we have a total of 24 Achievements for a total of 1000G and we’re keeping secret 3 of them!