NERO preview round-up from Italy

Yes we’re having a huge coverage and amazing feebdacks worldwide but, hey, we’re from Italy and our friends here wrote about NERO a lot and we are proud of this! You already know about the first exclusive hands-on feature run by IGN right? Of course the italian guys here have been the first to play the build we brought in San Francisco and they liked it a lot. You can find the article at this link. Everyeye has gone online too with a preview by Francesco Fossetti, who met us in San Francisco. Link here. Everyeye usually runs a live QA on YouTube too: Francesco spent a few words on NERO yesterday too,just click here to listen. Love him, his hairs and his amazing shirts! Frisco has been a good chance to meet Spaziogames too: our Executive Director Alberto Belli has been interviewed showing our corporate hoodie. No fears: you’ll be able to buy gadgets and stuff here in a near future. To check the interwiew, just click here. Just a week ago, we had a lovely dinner with Multiplayer staff too, drinking wine, eating chocolate bricks and chatting about the game. You can read their preview here. Do you know what is great for real in terms of visibility? Being featured by Mediaset for example, the largest italian broadcaster(Berlusconi anyone?). That’s why we’ve been very happy to see NERO announcement trailer on TGCom along with Apple stuff, Watch Dogs and other gigantic productions featured by the tech editorial team of the TV newscast! These are just a few samples of the massive coverage we’ve got here so we’re going to build-up a round-up page through Promoter to summarize everything for you and keep you informed on what the press think about the game. April will be the month of the printed mags, with very important stories comin’ out in kiosks here (and not only). Stay tuned!