NERO has a release date on Xbox One

Storm in a Teacup is pleased to announce that NERO will hit Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft on May 15th 2015, via theID@Xbox self-publishing program. NERO is a first person adventure game, built around the story of a kid and his incredible journey in a world of uncommon feelings and emotions. Play his role while discovering the history hidden in this magic lands, always followed by a mysterious black clothed companion.

NERO is a totally story driven first person game filled with puzzles that are heavily connected with the environments and with the past of the main characters. The more the player is going to explore, the better he will be rewarded with pieces of narration that will help him to understand the truth behind this next-gen visual novel.

NERO launch trailer can be found on Xbox official YouTube channel following this link:


NERO will be available for USD$/€ 19.99 on Xbox One next Friday.