Happy birthday Storm in a Teacup!

Yeah, it’s true people: Storm in a Teacup celebrates today its first birthday! 12 months have passed since we officially signed docs to start up the company and even if we spent a lot of time setting up things, hiring people and building (literally) StormVille, we entered the studio only on 3th of February 2014. Anyway, today STC is one year old and it’s party time here in Rome. A lot of things happened during this year: we announced NERO through EDGE exclusive feature, than IGN run the very first hands-on with the build we brought to the Game Connection in San Francisco. With only 28 days of work, we shown the game to the press (Joystiq, Destructoid, EGM, Famitsu, Dengeki, Eurogamer, Meristation, Gamespot, VG247 just to mention a few key gaming sites), publishers and platform holders and the magic happened! We received amazing feeds and a couple of months later NERO has been presented behind closed doors at Microsoft booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles! Achievement unlocked: NERO will be released on Xbox One Q1 2015. We’re actually in full production, the development is going on as scheduled and NERO is finally taking the shape we had in mind since the beginning of this journey. We built an amazing team, gathering the best professionals from all over the Europe and working hard day by day. We would to thank you all for the support! There is so much to come and we’re very excited about announcements we’ll have to do in the next weeks. Stay tuned and continue to follow us on our social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn). Thank you again for the love and support!