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Realistic Ocean Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

A highly customizable ocean simulation that will allow the user to create an interesting transition from stormy to calm ocean conditions. This simulation is highly customizable with a rich set of parameters allowing a very fine-grained control over each and every aspect of the simulation itself.

We mimic the Beaufort scale in order to represent each sea state (Calm, windy, stormy etc). We have a set of a maximum of four individually customizable ocean conditions that can be used as animation keyframes.

An advanced and very customizable foam system has also been implemented. In this way, it’ll be possible to adapt it and chisel it based on your application and/or game needs.

In this release, we provide a deep and open water simulation. Coastline/shoreline interaction will be part of a future release with even more control on the simulation.


In order for this plugin to work with your UE4 version until 4.16, you will have to download manually the shaders from the following link:

Shaders link:

From UE4 4.17 onwards the shaders will be automatically downloaded and placed in the correct folder by the UE4 Marketplace download system, so you will not need to download them manually anymore.

The shaders themselves will be of no use for you if you don’t buy the entire plugin from the UE4 Marketplace.