N.E.R.O. hits STEAM on 29/4/2016!

SOEDESCO, publisher for N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, has set the date for the release of the game on PC! You will be able to enjoy N.E.R.O. on the 29th of April, on Steam.

We’re really happy that everyone will soon be experiencing our first and beloved game and we hope you’ll enjoy the PC version.

N. E. R. O. “It’s a game that prioritizes emotion above all else, and it does so wonderfully. But as the boy at the heart of this tale learns, emotions are tough to understand, and thus NERO is tough to understand. You’ll just know that you felt something and that sensation alone is worth the journey.”
9/10 Destructoid

Since N.E.R.O has such a large focus on story and emotion SOEDESCO has added more localization to the game. Currently, the game will be launched with Italian, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portoguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian and Arabic text. We’re so happy to finally have Italian subtitles! Of course, we want everyone to enjoy N.E.R.O., but since we’re Italian we indulge a little on Italian fellows.

We’d love to hear your thought and feelings about the story. Either use the community hub or get in touch via social media via #NEROgame.