Close To The Sun International Voice Cast Unveiled

When creating Close to the Sun, from an early stage in development, we knew we wanted to tell a story that was accessible to everyone. We’re an Italian studio, but we are working with international partners on a game that at its core is a wonderful narrative adventure we want everyone to experience. With our publisher Wired Productions, we set out to find a fantastic roster of voice talent that could bring Rose and the other in game characters to life.

We’re delighted today to unveil the international cast, and with the release date trailer give you just a flavour of what you’ll hear in game on May 2nd!

Italian Language Cast

Rose Archer

Nikola Tesla

Ada Archer

Aubrey King

Ludwig Ostrog

Renata Bertolas

Claudio Beccari

Chiara Francese

Aldo Stella

Oliviero Corbetta

Watch the Italian trailer here

German Language Cast

Rose Archer Lara Loft (Trautmann)
Nikola Tesla Marc Seidenberg
Ada Archer Lo Rivera
Aubrey King Erik Schäffler
Ludwig Ostrog André Beyer

Watch the German trailer here

Spanish Language Cast

Rose Archer Olga Velasco Gallego
Nikola Tesla Eduardo del Hoyo Luna
Ada Archer Beatriz Llaneza Mielgo
Aubrey King Roberto Encinas Duval
Ludwig Ostrog José María Moscoso Cortiñas

Watch the Spanish trailer here

French Language Cast

Rose Archer Céline Melloul
Nikola Tesla Pierre Tessier
Ada Archer Caroline Pascal
Aubrey King Martial le Minoux
Ludwig Ostrog Patrice Baudrier

Watch the French trailer here