A new Storm is coming!


“Storm inside a teacup never seems to let up.
The wind is always changing pushing us away from shore.
Storm inside a teacup never seems to let up.
It’s a storm in a teacup…”

Storm in a Teacup, Porcelain pill


Long time no see!

As you can see we built a brand new site for welcoming you back.  A lot has changed since N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure (yes we slightly changed the name for legal reasons, you can find here our Steam page and put N.E.R.O. in your wishlist!) and ENKI have been published.

We can honestly say that we’re proud of our work.

Publishing two games in a year requires time and efforts, like sailing across stormy seas: it’s dangerous but exciting.

Then, the silence after the storm: a magical time for recreating and regenerate, thinking about new projects and looking for new people to take on board. (stay tuned for upcoming recruiting post here).

We succeeded in our projects and we also coped with criticism, as every game company does, but as John Carmack once said “Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.” and we value that.

We’re ready to set sail to unexplored worlds through new games, new events, new experiences.

In our vision from the beginning, we said that we don’t “shut down proposals, ideas or bad feedback” and we still stick to that, indeed we will be glad to hear from you! Subscribe to our brand new newsletter to be always updated about our games, drop a line in our contact form or continue to follow us on our social network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and also Periscope!).

Thank you again for the love and support, stay tuned!